Grilled Cheese with Green Tomato

Overnight temps are dropping in Wisconsin this week which means that the days are numbered for my tomato plants and green tomatoes are now the focus ingredient. This garden inspiration was found in the good ol' grilled cheese sandwich.  I like the crisp, slightly tender texture that the green tomato offers to this simple sandwich.  I dressed it up a bit by flanking it with a dark rye bread and a pesto Havarti cheese we had in the fridge.   Other cheese options could be Brie or even a Muenster could work.  The technique here is low & slow - keep your pan on low heat and extend out your normal grilled cheese cooking time. 

Green Tomato Grilled Cheese

Green Tomato Grilled Cheese Sandwich


2 slices of dark rye bread generously buttered on one side

Cheese, enough for a single layer on either side of the tomato

2 green tomatoes, your call on how much will fit on your bread in a single layer

Turn skillet on low and place sandwich, butter side down in the pan.  Check after 5 minutes for melt factor and flip and repeat.  I ended up cooking mine for 7 minutes on each side since my cheese was sliced rather thick.

Green Tomato Grilled Cheese